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Valencia offers more than 120 programs. Browse programs by industry clusters.

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Advanced Technical Certificate

An Advanced Technical Certificate prepares those who have previously received degrees to enhance their skills in a specialty area.

Associate in Arts

A.A. Degree

The Associate in Arts degree (A.A. degree) is a general studies degree. An A.A. Degree will prepare you to transfer to a Florida public university as a junior. As an A.A. student, there are ways to focus in on your intended major. You can follow a transfer plan or choose a pre-major which will help you meet most upper division pre-reqs.

Associate in Science

A.S. Degree

The Associate in Science degree (A.S. degree) prepares you to enter a specialized career field. It also transfers to the B.A.S. (Bachelor of Applied Science) program offered at some universities. If the program is “articulated,” it will also transfer to a B.A. or B.S. degree program at a designated university.

Bachelor of Science

B.S. Degree

The B.S. degree prepares you to enter an advanced position within a specialized career field. At Valencia, students must first complete an associate degree before transferring into a baccalaureate program. Bachelor’s degrees require about four years of study (including time spent earning the associate degree).

Certificate Programs

A certificate prepares you to enter a specialized career field or upgrade your skills for job advancement. Credits earned can be applied toward a related A.S. degree program

Technical Certificate Programs

The Technical Certificate programs require prescribed technical courses and may require general education courses, for a minimum of 12 college credits. Students who complete the course work prescribed in a Technical Certificate automatically will receive the certificate. Also, students may request a Technical Certificate from the academic department.

Continuing Education Programs

Whether individuals are looking for a new position, career advancement or to increase their industry knowledge Valencia has a wide range of Continuing Education programs.

Language Programs

Learn real-world, practical language skills for personal and professional use.

Accelerated Skills Training

Valencia’s Accelerated Skills Training programs prepare students for high-demand, higher wage careers in a short amount of time.