The mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to contribute data, information, and analysis to Valencia's culture of inquiry and evidence in support of learning assessment, decision-making, strategic planning, continuous improvement, and mandatory reporting. 

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 Sources of Information 

Commonly needed information is published on the IR web site in well-formatted reports easily accessible by all:

  • Specialized Research Studies:  Various studies are performed on an irregular basis to support grants and other ad-hoc research needs.  These include research briefs, survey results, decision-support models, and links to other internal and external research sites.

If the information needed is not already published on this site, users have a variety of options for meeting specialized information needs:

  • State and Federal Agencies:  The Institutional Research Department routinely provides data as requested by state and federal agencies.  Valencia also participates in a variety of voluntary research and benchmarking surveys.  Many of these external studies publish their own data summaries and research reports.  IR can advise and assist in obtaining and understanding this information.

  • SAS Warehouse Library:  Hundreds of standard reports are available for users to run as needed against a SAS data warehouse that is updated daily.  Many of these reports are designed as templates to allow you to select just the specific information you need.  The Information Technology Department offers training and technical assistance in setting you up as a SAS warehouse user.

  • IR Work Request:  Use this form to specify custom information requirements.  A member of IR staff will be assigned to work with you as a consultant and retrieve the information needed.  Output can be delivered as lists, tables, graphs, or data files.  IR can also assist in converting your request into a SAS Warehouse report.

Internal Consulting

IR staff frequently consult with users on complex, ongoing research projects and routinely participate as valued members of various committees throughout Valencia.  Other sources of information and research advice include:

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB):  Research involving human subjects must comply with federal laws and regulations that protect the rights and welfare of individuals being studied.  All researchers within Valencia must be trained on IRB procedures.  Some routine academic research is exempt from IRB oversight, but it is always best to consult with the IRB to ensure compliance and protect all involved.

  • Valencia Data Team:  The data team meets regularly and provides consultation on the design, execution, and publication of complex research projects.  Organized as a sub-committee of Valencia’s College Learning Council, its focus is on large research grants, learning assessment, and the new student experience.  The data team can also advise on other types of research projects as requested by those with complex research issues.


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The Office of Institutional Research welcomes your suggestions, comments, and requests. Feel free to contact our staff for assistance.

Daryl J. Davis
Director, Institutional Research

Donna J. Kosloski
Institutional Research Analyst

Selina Li
Institutional Research Analyst

Craig L. Simpson
Institutional Research Analyst

Leann DuBois
Institutional Research Analyst, Title V

Cissy Reindahl
Data Analyst

Eleanor L. McCoy-Carter
Institutional Research Analyst, Title V

Dr. Christos Giannoulis
Institutional Research Analyst

Kari Schlieper
Staff Assistant II