Valencia Course Offerings

Valencia College course offerings and descriptions are grouped under the applicable department heading. Within the alphabetized department headings, courses are listed alphabetically by subject prefix.

A prerequisite is a course which must be completed satisfactorily before a higher-level related course can be taken. A corequisite is a course which must be taken at the same time as another course. Prerequisites and corequisites are denoted within each course description. At the time of registration in a course, all students, except transient students with official documentation, are subject to the current course corequisites and prerequisites, some of which require minimum entry test scores.

Courses Offered

Below is a list of course offerings by subject code:

Subject CodeDepartment

A course may have the designation of “multiple credit course” in the course description. This means that the course can be repeated for credit; a repeat will not count as an attempt for full cost of instruction or for withdrawal; and grade forgiveness cannot be applied.

Not all courses are offered in all terms or at all campuses. For current offerings, consult the listing of credit courses available prior to registration each term at

When a course is added to Valencia’s curriculum, it must be assigned a course number by the Statewide Course Numbering System. Until the course number is assigned, Valencia uses a temporary designator composed of an “N” followed by three digits; e.g., N004.

At times, the course number for a particular course has to be changed. When this occurs and the content of the course is determined to be the same, the two course numbers represent equivalent courses. In the course descriptions that follow, numbers for former equivalent courses are provided for the majority of courses for which there is a former equivalent.

The preceding pages include a listing of the majority of former courses that have current equivalencies.